Scott Strickland Band

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Scott Strickland Band
Saturday, November 30, 2019 10:30 PM
Geraldine's, Austin, TX
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blues | rock

Est.1984, for Scott passion is the only thing worth pursuing. A magnetic, soulful personality who will quickly make your table the loudest in the bar the minute he sits down, Scott started playing guitar when he was 15, stealing his younger brother’s acoustic to strum the same three chords over and over again until the wee hours of the morning. At 16, Scott’s mom bought him his first Honer HW300G acoustic, and the rest was history.

Moving to Austin in 2013, an open mic at the Speakeasy, followed by an immediate show that following week, changed Scott’s perspective on what was possible musically. Connecting and playing with many talented musicians based in Austin Texas, Scott strives to spread the colorful, textural, palette of Rock, Jazz, and Soul to anyone willing to listen. If you could think of a 3am jam
sesh between Richie Havens, Donnie Hathaway, and Bill Withers, with a more contemporary example of Dave Matthews, or John Mayer, these are the bold and rich sounds of the Scott Strickland Band.